Published June 24, 2020


Such a complex word for something we all experience.

My procrastination has many forms. It can range from procrastinating work up to a day before the deadline or waiting to take a shower and thinking about skipping another day.

I believe I’m not able to live without procrastination; it’s a huge part of me and it makes me more focused when it matters. Motivates me when needed. Makes me able to deliver a feature nicely on time.

I also suffer from it. Sometimes the work I need to do is underestimated, and I just can’t make the deadline anymore. This feeling sucks, but it teaches me to either become better at time management or start earlier. I guess we all know what the answer to that is.

It was one of the main reasons I was not able to finish my school in a normal way. Teachers expect you to do everything on time on the subjects they deem important, something that was not working in my head.

What does procrastination mean for you and how does it impact you? Let me know on