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Full stack developer

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Anne Douwe Bouma

What I do

I help entrepeneurs and business grow by creating and delivering tailor-made solutions based on the newest technologies. Consultancy and development are things I do to reach these goals. I do this by using the best technologies for the job and thinking critically about the solution to deliver. I listen to your story and to what problems there are to tackle. What is the goal you are trying to reach? What are the challenges we will face? Doing this gives me a clear overview of the requirements and lets me create a solution that fits perfectly within your vision.

Full stack developer

I develop applications for web, mobile and desktop. This means that whatever the targeted platform is, I know how to deal with it. Full stack developer means that I can make automation software and programs for various devices.


With over 8 years experience in developing and maintaining a wide range of projects, I'm experienced in this field. The applications I worked on were web-based, native desktop and mobile apps and automation software. Scalable, maintainable and easy to use.


Do you or your team need help or a push in the right direction? I'm good at getting an overview of what needs to be done and how to get there. Explaining the path and solution to everyone involved at any skill level is something I enjoy doing.

Some things I've done

Solutions I've delivered



Integration with various backoffices from suppliers to automatically synchronize delivery dates and stock levels.


Ster Operations

Ster Operations

Realizing an interface for their technicians to write reports on provided services and used parts and deliver these to the client, customers and their own administration.



Custom content management system for a dog breeder with fully dynamic, but integrated, page contents.


What others say about me

De samenwerking met Anne Douwe is erg positief, de korte lijnen in de communicatie en de ervaring van Anne Douwe in zijn vakgebied zorgen ervoor dat we projecten op tijd en met kwaliteit kunnen opleveren. Er is duidelijkheid met betrekking tot de benodigde acties en het werk wordt binnen de afgesproken termijnen opgeleverd.

Dylan Hoogsteen

Founder Ninestone B.V.

Ik kwam via via in contact met Anne Douwe. Ik was op zoek naar iemand die mij kon helpen met het koppelen van de voorraad in onze webshop. Ik had al contact gehad met diverse ict’ers maar niemand wist een oplossing voor mijn probleem. Anne Douwe heeft er naar gekeken en kwam al snel met een oplossing. Hij is erg kundig en heeft veel ervaring. Hij reageert snel op vragen en lost altijd alle problemen zo snel mogelijk op. Ik heb dus een hele goeie ervaring en zou hem aan iedereen aanbevelen.

Ido Kooistra


When the programmer from Twijzelerheide joined the company, the company advanced more quicly. ,,We’re in a much better position now technically. Anne Douwe has been the biggest factor in that area. I know that he alone works faster than 3 developers at the same time. I think we’d be three or four months behind on schedule compared to where we are now.’’ Anne Douwe raises his eyebrow. ,,Or you’re ahead now.’’

Leeuwarder Courant

Regional newspaper

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne Douwe on a project before. Not only was his code easy to understand and add onto, but just as great was working with him in general. Truly a master of his trade.

Matias Puhakka

Software Engineer at TiliJaska

Anne Douwe reached out to me while I was working on a very challenging project that combined web development with blockchain technology. Anne Douwe completely took over the coding part of the project. The quality of his work was great and he was very easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a developer and would be happy to work with him again in the future!

Patrick van Dijl

Product Owner

Een hele prettige manier van samenwerken. Anne Douwe heeft onze technische uitdaging snel opgepakt en afgeleverd. De communicatie verliep erg goed!

Troy Sanders

Founder Iviate